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Filter filter no filter.. Makeup makeup no makeup.. My new hair 💁

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Soooooo i took my weave out…. i haven’t had a perm in my hair since like May 2013 (or something like that)….. so I pretty much cut the permed hair off… and a lot of it broke off when i was detangling it with conditioner in it, i guess the perm hair did not wanna co-habitat with my natural hair… so my natural hair is perfectly fine, none of that fell out.

Its really hard to tell what my natural hair is like, especially from these pictures. I’ll get better ones as soon as i figure out what to do with my hair… I’ve got absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

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deaths in naruto - 8 characters

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me and these damn fruits. smh.

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*slaps my own ass* damn bitch you thick as hell

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